Who Are We?

PC Drafter, our traditional fantasy draft software has been in development since 1998. The GOLD Algorithm was added to our engine after the 2005 season. Read about the software beginnings and our GOLD Algorithm details here.

Traditional PC Drafter is the creation of our top notch team and is made up of:

  • Brandie Searle, a huge FF fan and top developer. Brandie was building automated fantasy football draft tools in 1996, and released his first program in 1998.
  • Fantasy Football Analytics, widely recognized as providing the best in class NFL player forecasts.
  • Automation Creations, with experience in software project management, web development, and online sales since 1996.

For the 2017 season, the Gold Drafter development team has been improving on the success of last year's web application version of our traditional draft software, automating the draft process for especially for Yahoo! leagues.

Sharing our top notch algorithm and superior projections with fantasy football fans who are not Personal Computer users has always been a priority. With the addition of a web based application, our aim is to increase accessibility to our GOLD Algorithm and reduce restrictions on who can take advantage of this useful tool!

Why Do What We Do?

Just like you, we're highly passionate fantasy football fans. We love draft day! As computer scientists and professional software developers, over the years we've crafted and perfected highly effective algorithms and routinely integrate them into easy to use yet powerful decision support systems. We deliver custom web-enabled database applications and business software solutions. Combining our software with Fantasy Football Analytics widely recognized best in class NFL player forecasts delivers something we're sure you're going to like.

Frankly, the best way to show you is to offer PC Drafter, and Gold Drafter, for free with live forecast data. If you like what you see, registration is available via our secure online store. You'll get all the latest player updates and more taking you right up to your draft. All forecast data updates after June 1, 2017 are for subscribers only.

We are a member of the Better Business Bureau and fully protect all customer information and credit card transactions.

If there is anything else you would like to see added to the site or if you have suggestions for new features for Gold Drafter, please drop us a line at support@pcdrafter.com.

Contact Information

Support Information

The fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to solve problems with Gold Drafter is through our traditional draft software support page. You'll find short, informative tutorials that walk you through various steps of installing, configuring and drafting. For more advice and tips, visit our FAQ.


Email support is available for users who have paid for the additional support option here.

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